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Land Acknowledgement Statement


The Northeast Unschooling Conference (NEUC) wants to recognize the history of colonialism and acknowledges the privilege of the very act of gathering for this conference on land that is stolen from Indigenous nations of which we are not a part. This land acknowledgement serves as one small act of disrupting and dismantling capitalist colonial structures. We urge you to join us as we strive to work toward justice for Native peoples by learning more about, and taking action to support Indigenous communities here, and on the land you occupy every day. The Northeast Unschooling Conference acknowledges that we stand on Nonotuck land. We also want to acknowledge our neighboring Indigenous nations: the Mohegan (including the Nipmuc and Pequot) to the South and Southeast, the Wampanoag to the East (including the Nauset, Nantucket, Pennacook, Pokanoket and Pocasset tribes), the Mohican (including the Pocumtuc) to the West and Northwest and the Abnaki to the North.

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